^ Get back into a routine or start your yoga journey at home! Witness your mind and body transform as you follow along and practice to this video for at least 21 consecutive days. This short yet comprehensive sequence is good for all levels. (10 Minutes)

^ Great intro-to-yoga class with Lesley Fightmaster in the Ashtanga Primary Series. (One Hour)


Meditation tutorials & short guided meditations for the busy modern human being.

^ Healing 528 Hz Miracle Tone. Also known as the "Love Frequency" or "Musical Matrix of Creation". Listen to this as you go about your day to promote feelings of Peace, Love, and Joy. Great background music for yoga, meditation, salt baths, massages, making art, and more! (Infinite Loop)

^ If you feel a special connection to nature and are called to be in service to heal the world, you are a light-worker! This guided meditation by Sarah Hall will support you in tuning in to your Divine Mission with the Prayer of St. Francis Assisi. (15 Minutes)

Essential Oils

Vegan Recipes