Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by the most enlightened beings and leaders in human history. Studies have shown that long term benefits of meditation include decrease in stress, higher productivity, sleep quality, creativity, and ability to be empathetic. (Resources)

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I believe World Peace is possible through Inner Peace.

My personal meditation journey began at the age of 12 at an annual Youth Buddhist Summer Retreat. Back then, I meditated once a year and only at summer camp. In high school, I led my class through a guided meditation for my senior presentation project. In college, I attended a group meditation class once a month and sought local meditation centers to honor my practice.

It wasn't until grad school a few years ago when I realized I could not live without meditation. I founded my school's first Meditation Club, and since leaving school, I have dove deeper into a daily meditation practice.

Most recently, I traveled to India to be a student of Vipassana (Insight) Meditation.


☀︎ "The virtual time Justine and I spent together was quite nice - I highly recommend opting into her sessions and becoming a client. It was apparent from the first breath we shared, Justine has the ability to align herself with her clients in a unique fashion, easily eliminating the 1,000 mile difference between us. I look forward to sharing the opportunity to build internal peace with her again and I suggest you do the same." - Trevor