Meditation is a method of slowing down the incessant activity of our minds, sharpening our awareness, and of experiencing states of thoughtless awareness where we find equanimity with both the sensations of joy and suffering. Experiences of deep and profound inner peace, love, and non-attachment often become less elusive the more one finds themselves consistently in practice of meditation.

The benefits of meditation are manifold, including and are not limited to:

  • stress reduction

  • improved sleep

  • management of anxiety and/or depression

  • increased attention span

  • increased compassion, empathy, and forgiveness for self and others

My experience with meditation stems from age 12 when I learned the Vipassana method of meditation from an ordained Buddhist monk. Since then, I’ve developed a personal practice, studied at workshops, learned from teachers around the world, and practiced 10 consecutive days of Noble Silence at a Vipassana center in India. Currently, I teach two meditation classes once a week at Afterglow Yoga Maui, a yoga studio in Maui, Hawaii.

Book a 1-On-1 Guided Meditation Session with me (45 minutes) via live video web conference. Sessions include instruction, guided meditation, and time for Q&A with no extra cost for your friends and family to participate at the same session. Experience benefits immediately after a session such as feeling refreshed, relaxed, and more at ease with peace of mind and clarity.

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The following resources are intended to support those seeking to practice meditation on their own. Please note that consistency is key to experiencing the benefits of meditation. Practicing for 10 minutes a day for seven days is more effective than sitting one time for 70 minutes.


Meditation App


Headspace App

Meditation tutorials & short guided meditations for the busy modern human being.

Meditation Sounds

^ Ambient frequency of 528 Hz. Turn this on in the background while you sit in meditation or go about your day. This frequency soothes the soul and promotes feelings of peace, harmony, and joy.

^ Ambient sounds of natural running water. Turn this on in the background while you sit in meditation or go about your day to promote feelings of peace and wellness.

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