Peace Out

Coming up to just one more day of work as an office manager for a small corporation, a specialty dental practice to be exact. And having had a taste of what Freedom is, I can't help but feel so incredibly grateful to have all the things I need and more to be able to live a life of Simplicity.

I've learned that the simple things in life like taking naps, doing yoga, eating mindfully, and meditating are invaluable appointments with ourselves as human beings, and that the quality of our living depends not on how much we can accomplish while we are living but on how often we take the time to check in with ourselves. 

I've come to really enjoy the extra time to consistently check in with myself, to honor what feels right, purposeful, and impactful. In taking the time to assess how I actually feel, I get to be way more productive in the world as a humanitarian than I ever have been as a human hamster on the 9-to-5 wheel.

Peace out, 9-to-5. Thanks, but no thanks. Never going back to that again!

Justine TF

Artist, Yoga Teacher, Wellness Coach, Spiritual Gangster