What does Abundance mean to you?

Had an interesting conversation about success and failure with an old friend today and realized that we've been conditioned to think that success and failure is largely tied to how much money we can make. But money comes and goes, and money is a means, not the end, usually to a different lifestyle. And if a different lifestyle is truly what you seek, then having all the money in the world won't change a thing unless you change the way you live.

All is change, and money is change. Literally and figuratively.

To some, being successful means having a stable source of income, but I realized that true "stability" is our unwavering sense of purpose, our passion, the fire that fuels us from within. What truly defines stability is the inspired living we seek on a daily basis that drives us to create more magic and joy in our lives.


So what does living in abundance mean to me?

It's finding joy in the spaciousness of Nature, wandering and slowing down to enjoy the pace of Eternity. Abundance is realizing that all the time you want and need are right here, right now. Creating joy and living at ease all happen Now. Peace is our natural state of being, and Being is done in the present.

Abundance is embracing Peace, Love, and Joy right here, right now.

Justine TF

Artist, Yoga Teacher, Wellness Coach, Spiritual Gangster