Essential Oils

Essential oils are a precious gift from Mother Nature. Drawn to the essential aromas of plants, humans have for thousands of years experimented with and discovered a multitude of therapeutic benefits from the usage of essential oils, from skincare to beauty, to healthcare, to deep cleaning, and cooking. Essentially, essential oils are nature’s answer to our timeless quest for wellness, beauty, and hygiene.

I have used essential oils since I was a child, having been given peppermint and eucalyptus oils by my mother to soothe and relieve bug bites. As I got older, I loved the smell of jasmine and lavender. When I found out about Doterra’s essential oils and their commitment to creating sustainable solutions for both their farmers and consumers, I decided to become a wellness advocate to bring aromatherapy and an element of nature into my healing practices.

how to use lavender oil


Doterra essential oils are third-party certified pure therapeutic grade, so you can always be sure of their purity and potency. Doterra’s non-profit initiative, The Healing Hands Foundation, also supports worldwide humanitarian missions that forward social progress and improves human rights conditions. To support these amazing causes while elevating your own personal wellness, please consider purchasing your essential oils through my link below:

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