Full Moon

The energies accompanying the Full Moon have got me staying up late with incredible notions of being high on Life.

And evolving.

And evolving.

And evolving.

I was recently given an awareness that my brand is very PINK. And it's evolving to a Teal. Something about the color of the ocean.

Thankful for new beginnings.

I was beginning to wonder when I would return to share something.

Waiting for something major to share,

but since that has yet to arrive,

I get to share a work in progress.






Inspired by the sun and a night sky.

The heart's greatest longing is to be accepted for who we truly are.

To me, finding one's heart means to find one's Authenticity.

My heart has been longing to be in the ocean. Growing up on the west coast of California wasn't enough for me. I wanted to be surrounded by the ocean. Heeding your heart's desires is what leads you to your authenticity. I couldn't be happier teaching yoga, meditating, making art, and exploring the island of Maui. I decided after a yoga retreat that I would live everyday of my life like a retreat. So here I am.

aloha from maui :)

follow your heart



The Story of 女

It began as a regular piece inspired by a mermaid (island artists do that, right?) but as the illustration came to life, I began to see her true form in the flow of the feminine and the Chinese character for woman, or female, 女, appeared across her chest. So 女 became her name and tattoo.

I usually inadvertently paint myself in my paintings without consciously intending to, but as such is the way of art - the learning and receiving of messages from the ether and my psycho-social experiences, I would like to now disclose that I am a girl with many tattoos. Let me specify.

I am an Asian American woman with many tattoos, and there are many like me, each with their own stories, none without their own pain, desperation, and a rising of the Goddess within.

I have been unraveling what it means for me to have grown up as an Asian American girl now that I identify as a woman, and it was facing a lot of contention between what was expected of me - to be soft spoken and pretty and groomed like an expensive china doll - and the extremely expressive creative side or Force that lived within me.

In ancient chinese culture, women were bound to silence, from having their feet physically bound to make their meekness more beautiful, to being sold to richer families as wives and houseslaves. Women didn't have a say in anything, and even though I didn’t grow up in such harsh extremes, the culture of silencing women is still heavily intertwined into our cultural behavior. And that is exactly what I learned as an Asian American girl.

Growing up, it was always made clear to me from my own family that I was being treated a certain way or had to "correct" certain behaviors because I was a girl.

So here is mermaid goddess, 女, having mastered the bind from the label and using her womanhood and Goddess powers as a beacon into the depths of Freedom...

first artprint of 2018

Mermaid "女" / Art Print
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女 never has to worry about getting her feet bound again, for in the depths of the ocean where Freedom is found...

...mermaids have no need for feet.




Tell Me It Isn't So

I've been slacking on the blogging thing. I can't believe it's the 5th of January already! Where did the days go?

Why did I think I would realistically be writing every day?

Why not?

Besides the point.

These deadlines we impose on ourselves will either make or break us.

Choose wisely. :)



Have fun

Decided to take a break from working on my main piece and played with salt on watercolor.


It made me realize we don’t have to take life so seriously all the time. Yes, there will be big “main” life things you think you need to do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break every once in a while and enjoy the view.



Magic in Patience

Waiting for paint and ink to dry is all part of the process. It requires patience. Time. Observance.

Art pieces and passion projects are co-creations between you and something greater, The Universe, the majestic forces of Life that bring forth messages of Freedom, Wonder, & Love.

You can only do so much before you are once again tested for your patience. By being patient, we get to observe and be present for the magic that unfolds.




Taking The Next Step

We often stop in our tracks, afraid to take the next step, afraid that there is no more solid ground, afraid that the next step will crumble after everything we’ve worked so hard on to get.

But anything and everything amazing that has ever happened was amazing because it was unexpected. Which means the next amazing thing can happen only happens when you take a step into the unknown.


After penciling in the details, I was nervous about inking her. And yes I did make little mistakes (that apparently only I can see), but as Bob Ross has always said, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” And she has turned out to be quite beautiful.

Every step is merely a stitch to the fabric of the big picture that is your life. In the grand scheme of things, your next step is not going to matter so much.

Have fun, take the next step, and see where it takes you!

Life is an adventure.