Aloha! My name is Justine TF.

I facilitate spiritual experiences of freedom, wonder, joy, love, and beauty through my visual creations, voice, and intuitive touch. I am an artist, yoga teacher, lightworker, and entrepreneur living in Maui, Hawaii.

As a mixed media artist, I capture the ethereal experiences of being a human being. Through illustration, water color, and acrylic, I evoke feelings of nostalgia, wonder, joy, curiosity, power, and beauty. I have always been a creative child and knew I wanted to inspire people when I grew up. Creating is the outlet for me to experience Freedom and express universal messages that invoke an awakening of the soul.

My Story

My parents were first generation Taiwanese immigrants who moved to Los Angeles in the 1980's. Growing up, I was told I was "wasting my time" when I tried to paint, draw, sing, dance, or express myself in anyway, because my parents feared those things would lead me astray from going to medical school. Well, I got into school, and I didn't end up staying. As a passionate creative, I woke up one day to the stark reality that another moment of me not allowing myself to express myself authentically would lead down a meaningless road to my imminent death.

Thus, yoga and meditation, which were once curious fascinations of mine as a teenager, became for me as an adult a non-negotiable way of living. Yoga saved my life. In graduate school, it was the one constant that kept me grounded, sane, and clearheaded. It made me realize there was more to life than living in the shadows of another's dreams. It made me realize that the only life worth living is the one you create and design for yourself.